If your body could talk what would it say to you?

In fact, your body is always talking to you!

Your body talks to you through symptoms, feelings, hunches and even through your energy levels.

Whilst we often consider the mind, body and emotions to be separate components of us, they are actually all interlinked and affected by each other.

When your body feels tired, uncomfortable or in pain this affects your thoughts and emotions. When you're experiencing or internalising emotions and stress, your body also feels it and is affected by this.

I recently had a symptom appear which I knew was clearly linked to emotional stress relating to something in my life which evoked an emotional response.

My body was reflecting the emotions which I felt around the situation but hadn't been expressing. This happens to all of us at various times.

I knew what I could do on a physical level to address this particular symptom but I also knew that to work with it truly holistically I had to also address the emotional component.

There are many ways that we can work with emotions that are being held in the body or which are being expressed physically through the body in the form of symptoms.

I find that breathwork, movement meditation (such as Chakradance) and various guided visualisation processes along with energy work are fantastic ways to begin to release emotions which are being held in the body.

Along side this we also address the physical components that may be helpful, such as herbs, nutrients, flower essences as well as looking at whether there are current lifestyle factors contributing to the symptoms.

Not all physical symptoms have their origin in emotional or metaphysical causes, but often looking at this element as well as the physical contributing factors is hugely beneficial.

When it comes to looking at the metaphysical 'meanings' of physical symptoms books or online resources linking particular symptoms with emotional or metaphysical 'meanings' can be a starting guide, I find that it's far more effective to learn how to interpret your own body's language or messages rather than generic meanings.

Each of us can develop confidence in our ability to go within and develop more understanding of how our body is trying to communicate that something is out of balance which allows you to then create change where it is needed.

If you would like to learn how to do this through a simple guided process which I can take you through or you would like to experience some energy healing to help release emotions being held in your body (either in person or via a distance session with an audio recording of what I worked on) you can book an energy healing session online here:



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