Do you sometimes feel like there is something missing?

You're grateful for all that you have have in your life, yet a part of you knows that there is something more, something beyond the sometimes mundane feeling routines of daily life...

Do you seek a deeper connection to your inner self, maybe on a spiritual level?

Would you like to develop more trust in your intuition and the ability to set healthy boundaries and let things go that no longer serve you?

Perhaps you feel things deeply or are highly empathic and have been told that you're 'too sensitive' and would like to feel less overwhelmed by the emotions or energies of others?

Do you seek to create a a life that feels more in alignment with who you really and know that you need to delve deeper than affirmations, positive thinking and vision boards to create real change?

I would love you to join me to experience the healing power of your breath.

Your breath is a bridge between body, mind spirit.

Through breathworkyou are able to:

-directly influence your nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety

-let go of stress, tension and emotions that you have been holding in your body

-respond to life rather than react

-process, integrate and release trauma or unresolved experiences from your subconscious and body

-let go of unhelpful beliefs or habitual thought patterns that create self-sabotage or stop you from living the life that you desire

-increase your energy, sleep better and reduce PMS or other hormonal symptoms

-reduce anxiety and overwhelm

-strengthen your energy field so that your empathic or deeply sensitive and intuitive nature can flourish and feel like a gift rather than a weakness

-know yourself on a deeper level, allowing you to make choices that reflect this, enjoying more present, creativity and aliveness!

-learn techniques to help you shift through challenging emotions or through everything that life presents

Join me for a mind body spirit deep dive through your breath..

6 session package includes:

6 x 1:1 breathwork sessions (online through zoom  or in person)
3 x bottles of individually tailored vibrational flower essences for emotional/energetic support in between sessions
A selection of guided audio downloads of breathwork, meditation,energy clearing processes to use in between our sessions and beyond
A 1.5 hour Chakra Movement Meditation and Breath Session (recorded for you to do at home as often as you like                                                                                  Option to take part in my small group online Chakra Balancing and other breathwork classes for half price ( offer valid on classes offered throughout the duration of your 6 session package)

plus email support in between sessions

All inclusive 6 session Body Mind Spirit Deep Dive Package $995 (payment plan available- book a time to chat for details)

Client Feedback-

"All of my breathwork sessions with Annabel have been amazing. Even the simplest techniques have had a profound effect on my daily life. As someone prone to high stress levels and anxiety, this breathwork has been the greatest discovery in my life to-date. It also accelerated my spiritual journey beyond where I ever been able to go with meditation alone. I  truly can not recommend these sessions highly enough." Kari-Anne







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