Naturopathy, breathwork and holistic health coaching, mentoring and support for women for mind/body/spirit balance and optimal health & wellness

If you're tired of feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed or generally uninspired, welcome!

I'm here to support your health and wellbeing through naturopathy and breathwork..

I'm also trained in other facets of healing work including holistic coaching, reiki and more..

My goal is to support you to bring about your wellbeing in a truly holistic sense, making use of every modality I know to help usher in your healing..

During our time together, I'll come up with a support plan specific to your needs and incorporate any or all of the things in my toolbox most needed to get you feeling better.

Your plan may include breathwork, herbal or nutritional supplements, coaching and mindset strategies, energy work, or lifestyle changes to give you the most effective approach for YOU.

Your initial 60 minute consultation is $150 which also includes an additional in-clinic non-invasive form of health assessment which provides  about your current health enable me to tailor an approach specific to your individual needs. You will receive a report of the results to take home with you.

Follow up sessions are $90- $150 depending on the length of the session.

**Please note that ALL appointments are currently being offered online (with both audio and visual options through zoom) or via phone only**

Wellbeing Services

Special focus on holistic health and wellness support for:

  • Women's Hormone Imbalances eg PMS/fibroids/PCOS/endometriosis or fertility issues
  • Women who feel tired and stressed, anxious or overwhelmed
  • Women experiencing hormonal changes associated with perimenopause/menopause
  • Women experiencing adrenal fatigue or burn out
  • Highly sensitive or empathic women



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