Naturopathy, dietary and lifestyle support and education for women of all ages, empowering them to achieve their health goals and attain optimal wellness

Annabel Mason Ballarat Naturopath Health Coach for Women

If you know that you could be feeling so much better and want to get your energy and your bounce back, Annabel can tailor a treatment approach specifically to YOU.

Specialising in wellness support for:

  • Stress & Adrenal Fatigue
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • PMS Management
  • Women's Weight Loss
  • Nutrition & Wellbeing
  • Bowel & Gut Health
  • Breastfeeding & New Mum Revitalisation

Blossom Wellbeing treats the whole person including the situation you are in. No potions, no tricks, just real practical advice for busy people. Advice that helps to achieve a better feeling of mental, emotional and physical wellness.


As a client of Blossom Well Being I have found Annabel to be extremely knowledgeable and thorough and a pleasure to work with on my health issues.She is well versed in both physical and meta-physical issues and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wanting to get to the bottom of what is ailing them.


I came to Annabel with major digestive problems & hormonal issues. I'm very thankful for her patience & understanding, her willingness to truly listen, & work with me in a holistic way. Working with Annabel has brought a health to my body that I've not experienced for years. I now have an internal well-being that empowers me to deal with other aspects of life.


Annabel offers a balanced, grounded approach to health and wellbeing. She has very good knowledge of the body and physical health but just as much knowledge about the mind/body connection and how this also affects health and wellbeing. She is able to combine her more science based knowledge and her intuition and explains it all in a way that makes total sense!

Michelle S

It is with great pleasure that I wrote in support of the wonderful support that Annabel provides her clients. I first started seeing Annabel in her capacity as a naturopath as part of my journey to be as proactive as possible in seeking a way forward with my fertility challenges. Annabel has proven to be incredibly skilled and has provided me with support with my mind, body and spirit. Throughout my time seeing her, I have since experienced her skill and care in Pranic Healing as well as loving every minute of Chakradance with Annabel. She has supported my wellbeing on so many levels as I have journeyed through a very difficult period in my life. I truly believe that Annabel is one of the reasons why I am now almost 13 weeks into a very healthy pregnancy in spite of much western medical advice that declared me as being unlikely to be successful in my desire to have a family. I am truly thankful for Annabel Mason and her skill that she shares with us via Blossom Wellbeing, thanks so much Annabel.


Wellbeing Services

Personalised naturopathy, dietary and lifestyle support and education for women of all ages, empowering them to achieve their health goals and attain optimal wellness.

I am passionate about women’s health, aspiring to help women take an active role in their health and wellbeing.

I also provide Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA), a scientifically validated form of health analysis which gives in-depth information about the composition of the body. We offer an holistic approach to weight loss, tailoring your diet and treatment plan to you and your metabolism, using Bioimpedance / Body Composition Cellular Health Analysis to monitor progress and treatment effectiveness.

We offer an integrated, collaborative approach and will happily work with you alongside other healthcare practitioners, whether they be conventional medical or complementary practitioners.

Blossom Wellbeing is located centrally in Ballarat and also offers telephone and Skype consultations for people living outside of Ballarat.


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