Many people experience high functioning anxiety without even realising it..

Feeling stressed, on edge or highly strung can begin to feel 'normal' but no one is truly naturally wired to be in a constant state of stress.

Many people with high functioning anxiety are seen by others as highly capable and competent, organised and ambitious and may also be hardworking, striving perfectionists.

But internally, people experiencing high functioning anxiety often feel a sense of constant worry, tense, irritable, overwhelm, unable to relax and as if they're never good enough/doing enough.

They're often driven anxiety to do more and strive harder due to underlying anxiety and feelings of self doubt, a fear of failure and a learned habit of people pleasing.

Physically this can often lead to symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, heart palpitations, digestive issues including reflux or nausea, high blood pressure, sleep issues and eventually exhaustion and burn out.

High functioning anxiety is driven by nervous system dysregulation and is also really common among highly sensitive people whose nervous systems process information at a deep level.

Nervous system dysregulation may occur due to acute or chronic stress as well as unresolved emotional experiences and trauma.

Many women become aware that they've been living with high functioning anxiety during the perimenopause years where the hormonal and neurological changes during this transition time highlight it.

Addressing high functioning anxiety begins with acknowledging it. From there a holistic approach which involves nervous system regulation and support, identifying underlying emotional drivers and unhelpful thought patterns and addressing things like sleep and stress management through nutrition, selfcare, lifestyle and other strategies.

Breathwork is a fantastic tool for nervous system regulation, with many techniques also helping to reduce anxiety and overwhelm acutely to prevent it from snowballing. My BreathSpace membership is a great introduction to breathwork and breathing techniques to reduce stress and support the nervous system. It is currently $29 per month and you can pause or cancel your membership any time. There are 4 guided classes available at all times with a new class uploaded every fortnight. There is also a selection of shorter breath techniques to choose from as needed. Read about the BreathSpace membership here:

If you'd like to book a time for a naturopathic appointment to get a plan in place to support your nervous system to reduce anxiety appointments can be booked here:



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