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Space for you to release stress and come back in to balance through your breath...

Access a library of on-demand guided breathwork and meditation classes with a new class available each fortnight + access to bonus live classes.

Your breath is a powerful tool that supports you to:

Reduce stress

Reduce anxious thoughts

Reduce overwhelm

Release tension from the body, helping to reduce inflammation and pain

Clear brain fog and think more clearly

Process emotions

Sleep better

Increase your energy levels

Access inspiration, creativity and connect with your intuition

Breathwork helps to reduce stress and tension in the moment as needed and when practiced regularly it can make a huge different to your experience of life and your resistance to stress.

This is for you if:

You would like to be able to access classes on demand and in your own time

You often feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed

You have an active mind which has made meditation feel too hard or frustrating

You are going through peri-menopause or menopause and navigating emotional ups and downs due to hormonal swings

You would like to become less thrown off balance by general life stress

You know that you don’t always breathe fully (eg. you hold your breath when you’re stressed or shallow breathe)

You are busy and struggle to set aside time for self care or mindfulness even though you would like to

You want more energy, clarity and patience

There are countless breathwork techniques which can be used depending on the situation or the goal. Some that can be used acutely to quickly reduce anxious feelings, feelings of flatness, low motivation or brain fog. Techniques to use to center you and increase your confidence and presence before an event or to help you get off to sleep.

Other, deeper techniques can take you on a journey into your rich inner world, allowing you to release emotions from your body and tap in to your own inner wisdom, connecting with your inner world or sense of spirituality.

We explore all of these plus more through the
BreathSpace classes in your membership.

BreathSpace Membership Founding member $29 per month*

Participant feedback:

Joining the group breathwork classes has been an amazing experience for me. It is quite simple to do but so effective, after every class I have felt so much calmer, relaxed but also revitalised and I have had more energy for the next few days. Having the recordings is also a great way to use breathwork any time you feel like it. I have found that breathwork is a wonderful practice and tool and would recommend it for anyone who wants to achieve more balance and wellbeing in their lives.


All of my breathwork sessions with Annabel have been amazing. Even the simplest techniques have had a profound effect on my daily life. As someone prone to high stress levels and anxiety, this breathwork has been the greatest discovery in my life to-date. It also accelerated my spiritual journey beyond where I ever been able to go with meditation alone. I truly cannot recommend these sessions highly enough.


Breathwork is not designed to treat or cure any illness or disease and is undertaken at your own risk. Consultation with a medical professional is always recommended prior to practice. Breathwork facilitators are not trained to diagnose any medical conditions or recommend any treatment.

Some breathwork techniques are not suitable during pregnancy and should also be avoided if you have a diagnosed heart condition, history or strong family history of aneurysm or stroke, epilepsy, glaucoma, bipolar, schizophrenia, severe asthma, breathing difficulties or during an acute infection of Covid- 19.


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