Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching

Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching

Do you experience the same challenges over and over?

Do you feel stuck or weighed down but not sure how to move forwards?

Feel super reactive and easily overwhelmed?

Do you have a sense that unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs might be keeping you spinning your wheels and stuck in a cycle of stress and overwhelm?

Learn how to use your breath to discover and dissolve whatever has been weighing you down and holding you back.

Core Clearing Breathwork supports you to quickly and gently identify and  dissolve emotional and energetic blockages so that you can get unstuck and move forwards with less anxiety and greater ease.

Unlike meditation which can feel frustrating and slow to yield results, you'll feel a shift right from our very first session. No previous breathwork or meditation experience is needed.

Core Clearing Breathwork is a safe, gentle and rapid way to relieve stress, anxiety, balance your energy and provide you with insight on how to move forwards..

Client feedback:

"I was stuck. I knew I had this habit of disappearing and not communicating which hurt my loved ones and was subtly affecting my business. But for the first time I saw it and wanted to transmute it, but did not know how. Working with Annabel with the Core Clearance Breathwork process was wonderful. It allowed me to stop, drop in and let it all unfold, resulting in peace and joy. I now have a personal heart practise of love and compassion that I can practise everyday and in every moment"- Jules

''Annabel is well informed, kind and thoughtful. Her tips have been easy to incorporate into every day life.  The breathwork sessions have been invaluable and I would recommend her highly." - Claire

To experience how you can quickly discover and dissolve what has been holding you back by tapping into the wisdom of your body through breath we begin with an introductory session.

I'll guide you through a simple, effective breath process which will allow you to get past the limiting thoughts or beliefs around this situation, through the layers so that you can release the blocked energy or emotions and move forwards with clarity.
You'll receive the wisdom that you need to gain from the situation or challenge along with clear guidance and action steps allowing you to move forwards feeling lighter, clearer and empowered.
You'll experience how this process can help you to shift blocks around what is possible for you as well as health, relationship or business or money challenges or any area of your life where you feel stuck or unfulfilled.

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