Breath Work

You're tired, you're stressed, you're overwhelmed....

At this point, you just want to feel better. And you know that the answer isn't a new eating plan or joining a gym.

It's not about reading another self-help book or trying a new range of supplements.

You know that it's time to go beyond bandaid approaches and get to what is really going on and this involves something deeper.

It could even involve making space to feel your emotions- so that you don't have to numb them through food, screens or being busy all of the time.

It's time to try breathwork!

Once you know how to work with your breath, you actually can feel better in 5 or 10 minutes. No gym, no supplements, no meal planning.

Through working together, you'll learn techniques to:

-reduce stress and overwhelm before they build up and boil over..

-reduce and manage anxiety

-help you sleep better

-increase your energy

-clear brain fog

-manage your PMS or peri-menopausal/menopausal mood swings

-stop procrastinating and get motivated

-improve your digestion

-get more grounded and connected to your body

AND If you're an empath or the owner of a sensitive nervous system, your breath is one of your best allies in helping you to thrive in a world that often feel overwhelming AND to help you know what is yours to feel and what isn't!

During our first session, I'll guide you through a single breathing technique that will help you process your stress.

When we finish, you'll feel calmer and stronger within yourself, more connected to your intuition, and you'll have brought your emotions into balance.

I'm trained in a variety of types of breathwork so in future sessions, I can show you new or different techniques so you can discern the one you like best and you'll have a tool box of techniques to draw upon as you need them.

The trick is, I'm only holding space for you to do the work. Breathwork helps you to clear the mental, emotion clutter and brings you to the shores of your inner resources to find your own wisdom.

Once you know how to work with your breath, you've got tools you can use to deal with anything. (And I mean anything: I've used the breath to deal with overwhelm, grief, anger, frustration, brain fog, uncertainty, and feeling stagnant. I've also used breathwork to clear old, repressed emotions from my body, to connect with my inner world, and to access my intuition.)

Your breath is your very own in built stress releasing, healing just need to learn how to use it and once you've mastered it, it doesn't cost you anything!

Breathwork is a form of active meditation where you use your breath to release stress and clear out stuck energy and emotions, let go of unhelpful patterns of thinking and shift your perception of yourself and your outer world.

A breathwork session is a bit like an energetic or emotional detox, supporting you to let go of the 'stuff' that you no longer need, allowing you to emerge feeling lighter, clearer and stronger within yourself.

My 1:1 breathwork sessions are currently offered online via zoom or in person and I hold regular BreathSpace online  small group sessions- see   for upcoming online sessions.

My experience with breath work:

As a deeply feeling, empathic and highly sensitive person, regular breathwork gives me the space to process stress and emotions,freeing my nervous system from overload, strengthening my energetic boundaries and strengthening my connection to my intuition.

Having been told for much of my life that "I'm too sensitive" or that "I should try not to feel things so deeply" discovering breathwork allowed me to embrace my deeply feeling nature rather than to try to suppress it by 'being less sensitive' or trying to suppress or disconnect from my feelings.

Having the space to consciously allow my feelings to be felt and released means that I actually feel much less sensitive and certainly less reactive and less affected by the emotions and energies of others. It also frees up so much more energy and vitality -it's like a big, freeing, uplifting sigh of relief..

I love being able to support he physical body with naturopathy through the use of herbal medicine or nutritional supplements whilst we also do the deeper healing work through the use of the breath.

Breathwork changed my life and I'd love to show you how it can also change yours- for the better!

I offer a variety of types of breathwork including:

-Soma Breathwork

-Core Clearing Breathwork

-Transpersonal Breathwork

-Conscious Connected/ Rebirthing Style Breathwork

-Coherent Breathing and Stress Reduction Breathwork

Some client feedback...

"Annabel is a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner whose breath work and healing sessions have helped me immensely in managing stress and difficult emotions. I highly recommend her services as she works with her clients to live their best life using naturopathy and holistic treatments"- Karen

"All of my breathwork sessions with Annabel have been amazing. Even the simplest techniques have had a profound effect on my daily life. As someone prone to high stress levels and anxiety, this breathwork has been the greatest discovery in my life to-date. It also accelerated my spiritual journey beyond where I ever been able to go with meditation alone. I  truly can not recommend these sessions highly enough." - Kari-Anne

" I didn't even know what breath work was until I started working with Annabel who incorporated breathwork alongside naturopathy. Well I never! It was powerful, raw, beautiful, amazing and shifted things out of my body that I never knew I was holding onto. Since that first session I have worked with Annabel using breath work for many and varied reasons, with the main reason to ground and centre myself. It has healed past trauma, improved my immune system and enabled me to access the unity of life."- Julie

"Annabel is well informed, kind and thoughtful. Her tips have been easy to incorporate into every day life. The breathwork sessions have been invaluable and I would recommend her highly." - Claire

"Each session helped me heal - using my own body, my own breath & my own intuition - often surprising themes, events and traumas from my life. Then there was the fixed thinking, resistance, struggle and other ways of being and relating in the world that had become conditioned and habitual that I had not been able to recognise or go deep enough with on my own.
Sometimes, no matter how much personal, inner work we do on our own on our transformation journey through this life, we still need outside help.
Living to my highest potential is essential to me and Annabel has helped me to uncover that potential in a beautiful way.
I highly recommend her and her work!" - Jodie



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