Breath Work

Your breath is your very own in built stress releasing, healing tool..

Breathwork is a form of active meditation where you use your breath to release stress and clear out stuck energy and emotions, let go of unhelpful patterns of thinking and shift your perception of yourself and your outer world.

A breathwork session is a bit like an energetic or emotional detox,supporting you to let go of the 'stuff' that you no longer need, allowing you to emerge feeling lighter, clearer and stronger within yourself.

Working with your breath brings you back to yourself and your body, grounding you and clearing away the static and built up stress and emotions from the busyness of life.

A breathwork session also gives you the space to connect with your intuition and your inner knowing or wisdom which often gets overlooked as we're rushing about in our daily lives.

As a deeply feeling, empathic and highly sensitive person, regular breathwork gives me the space to feel, process and release, freeing my nervous system from overload and strengthening my energetic boundaries whilst also strengthening my connection to my intuition.

Having been told for much of my life that "I'm too sensitive" or "I should try not to feel things so deeply" discovering breathwork allowed me to embrace my deeply feeling nature rather than to try to suppress it by 'being less sensitive' or trying to suppress or disconnect from my feelings. You can read a bit about that here:

Having the space to consciously allow my feelings to be felt and released means that I actually feel much less sensitive and certainly less reactive or affected by the emotions and energies of others. It also frees up so much more energy and vitality as my nervous system is able to release stress/emotions -it's like a big, freeing, uplifting sigh of relief..

I love breathwork so much that I trained as a Breathwork Practitioner and utilise a number of different ways of working the breath in my sessions with clients. I love being able to support he physical body with naturopathy through the use of herbal medicine or nutritional supplements whilst we also do the deeper healing work through the use of the breath.

A breathwork session usually goes for just over an hour (although once you're into the breathing it will feel more like minutes!) and once the active breathing process is complete, you'll naturally move in to a deeply restorative meditative state of calm and relaxation as your nervous system integrates.

"Annabel is a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner whose breath work and healing sessions have helped me immensely in managing stress and difficult emotions. I highly recommend her services as she works with her clients to live their best life using naturopathy and holistic treatments"- Karen

Breathwork sessions $165


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