Annabel Mason | Ballarat Naturopath

Hello. I’m Annabel Mason of Blossom Wellbeing.

My passion is supporting women through a holistic approach to not only reduce physical symptoms but to also experience a greater sense of wellbeing, aliveness and enjoyment of life! I believe that we are here to enjoy life, not just get through with flagging energy or chronic stress.. So if you're tired of being tired, of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, out of balance or running on empty,  I would love to support you to reduce the stress and overwhelm and to create more balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through a holistic, but practical and grounded approach.

I’m a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist,  Women's Health & Wellness Coach and Energy/BreathWork Practitioner.

I enjoy helping women to reduce the stress and overwhelm around their health and wellbeing through an holistic approach which is also practical and sustainable. I also work with many highly sensitive or empathic women, supporting them to embody their sensitivity with strategies that allow them to thrive.

I  believe that improving or maintaining your health and wellbeing doesn't have to be hard or complicated. I'm not going to suggest that you have to give up all of the foods that you love or follow complex diets or regimes to start feeling better. In fact, I believe that simplicity is often the most effective approach. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent and capable of restoring balance and health if we provide them with the right conditions.

A holistic approach to health means that we consider not only your physical health to relieve your symptoms so that you feel better in the short term, but we also find and correct any underlying imbalances so that you can prevent further health issues.

Whilst there are often physical factors contributing to you not feeling as well as you know you can,  we often also need to consider the mind body spirit connection which is equally important for your overall wellbeing.This means that we not only address what is going on for you physically, but we also look at mental, emotion, spiritual or energetic aspects.

I incorporate coaching to support you in creating long term change, helping you to identify unhelpful or limiting beliefs or habitual ways of thinking that can hold you back or lead to falling off the wagon through self-sabotage.

I'd love to assist you to rediscover your energy, vitality and aliveness in simple, sustainable way that empowers you to feel better now and for the longer term!


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