Annabel Mason | Ballarat Naturopath

Hello. I’m Annabel Mason of Blossom Wellbeing

My passion is supporting women to discover the power of working with their own breath to improve physical health and wellbeing, aliveness and enjoyment of life and combine this with individually tailored herbs and nutrition to support the body.

I believe that we are here to enjoy life, not just get through in survival mode with flagging energy or chronic stress.. So if you're tired of being tired, of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, out of balance or running on empty,  I would love to support you to reduce the stress and overwhelm and to create more balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through a holistic, but practical and grounded approach.

I’m a qualified Naturopath, Breathwork Practitioner, Herbalist and Holistic Health & Wellness Coach.

I enjoy helping women to feel less frazzled, burnt out and tired and to live a life that lights them up!

I also work with many highly sensitive or empathic women, supporting them to embody their sensitivity with strategies that allow them to thrive.

I feel things deeply too, so working in with the inner emotional realms is kind of my superpower. I've experienced what is like to be told that I'm "too sensitive" and thinking that there must be something wrong with me... Breathwork gave me the space and the permission to actually FEEL what was going on for me and then to let it go rather than spending energy 'trying not to feel so much'.

I've always loved plants and flowers and used to spend hours as a child making 'tea' and 'potions'- I love that I still get to do this except now the tea can actually be consumed!  I still love tea and have created my own tea range called Blossom Infusions using certified organic, locally grown/sourced flowers chosen for their synergistic tastes and health supporting properties.

Anything to do with breathing and breath work lights me up immensely (I could talk about it for hours!) and I also love the colour pink (as you may have noticed!), reading and drinking tea in the bath, dance and escaping the fast pace and traffic to recalibrate in nature with my family.

A session with me involves checking in with how you're REALLY going (I'm a Scorpio so am comfortable delving beneath the surface and helping you navigate your emotions and transform them so that they're no longer scary or draining your lifeforce!) doing some breathwork and then I will likely give you some tailor made herbs and nutritional support to continue to support to support you in between sessions.

It's a powerful way to support your physical body and nervous system whilst the breathwork helps you to let go of stress, process emotions and relax deeply, switching on your body's inner healing mechanisms.

From my 17 + years doing this work, I've seen that stress and unprocessed emotions are usually a big underlying factor causing all sorts of symptoms (especially in hormonal imbalances) and that until we address the stress and the way it affects your body and nervous system nothing is going to be as effective.

I embrace science AND spirit and like to keep things grounded (no floaty new age stuff).

I also incorporate coaching to support you in creating a mindset that supports long term change, helping you to identify unhelpful or limiting beliefs and habitual ways of thinking that are holding you back or lead to falling off the wagon and feeling like a failure (which you're not!).

I'd love to assist you to rediscover your energy, vitality and aliveness!


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