BreathSpace- discover your inner healer, release stress and come back in to balance through your breath...

Each one of us has been gifted with our very own inner power source or inner healer- your breath!

Whilst we all breathe 24 hours each day, many of us don't breathe optimally. Over the years you may have developed particular breathing patterns which can actually increase inner tension and anxiety!

Many of us don't breathe fully enough, so we're missing out on vital oxygenation to deliver energy and nutrients to our cells. This can lead to low energy and fatigue and we miss out on optimal energy and vitality as we go through life..

Working with the breath is one of my greatest passions.

When I first discovered breathwork in my early twenties, I can honestly say that it changed my life!

Having always felt things deeply, sometimes my emotions felt overwhelming and it seemed easier to try to disconnect from them. I had experienced the trauma of losing my Mum at an early age and at the time the pain was too hard for me to deal with. I buried my grief so deeply that by the time I felt ready to look at it, I didn't know where to begin.

Breathwork allowed me to process the grief that I had spent years trying to avoid because it just felt too painful as well as giving me the space to safely release other emotions that I were still in my body. Anxiety and panic attacks that I had been experiencing disappeared as I learned how to use my breath to influence my nervous system.

My connection to my intuition increased and my immune system also improved greatly. After years of feeling not only my own emotions strongly (or trying to avoid feeling them) but also a tendency to feel other people's emotions, breathwork allowed me to discern what was mine to feel and what was not meaning that my tendency to be highly empathic (and sometimes feel swamped or overwhelmed by the emotions of others around me) became easier to manage and could now be a strength rather than a challenge.

There are countless breathwork techiniques which can be used depending on the situation or the goal. Some that can be used acutely to quickly reduce anxious feelings, feelings of flatness, low motivation or brain fog. Techiques to use to center you and increase your confidence and presence before an event or to help you get off to sleep.

Other, deeper techniques can take you on a journey into your rich inner world, allowing you to release emotions from your body and tap in to your own inner wisdom, connecting with your inner world or sense of spirituality.

We explore all of these through BreathSpace.

Small group sessions and online group program starting soon.

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and start discovering that just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz- you had the power within you all along!



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