Is your fatigue coming from somewhere deeper?

Energy levels naturally ebb and flow for each of us at different times during our lives.
As women we are cyclic and will also tend to experience times of higher or lower energy and motivation depending on where we are in our hormonal cycle.

At different stages of our lives such as early motherhood or at transition times such as menopause, our energy levels will also often be affected by elements of those life stages such as the sleep deprivation and other demands of early motherhood or the hormonal fluctuations of menopause.

But regardless of which stage of life you're at, feeling constantly tired is a sign that something is out of balance. Things such as nutrient deficiencies, sleep issues, hormonal issues or other health issues along with stress and lack of time to yourself can all impact your energy levels.

Making sure that you're getting the nutrients that you need whether through your diet or through supplementation if required is important. If you know that you need support to address your physical health and the tiredness that comes with not feeling great physically you can read about the I'm Tired of Being Stressed & Tired Program here:

Along with making time for self care and the foundational things that support your health such as eating the right foods for you, movement/exercise, quality sleep, adequate hydration and strategies for stress management sometimes we can experience more of a soul weariness that won't be relieved by physical means such as supplements or herbs.

Soul level weariness may present or feel a bit different for each of us but some possible signs of it may be:
Feeling a lack of inspiration
Not feeling fulfilled by what you're currently doing in your life
Feeling as though something is 'missing' or that there is something more to life but you're not quite sure what..
A sense of heaviness on a mind, body and emotional level
Not actually being unwell but feeling not-quite-right or a bit 'out of sorts' for no definitive reason

During times of soul level weariness it is helpful to consider what nourishes you on a deeper soul level, those things that 'fill you up' or bring a sense of inner calm. It could be things like slowing down and spending time in nature, reading, appreciating or creating art, journaling, gardening, cooking, long baths, listening or playing music, visiting the beach, dancing, meditation or yoga practice, spending time with your soul sisters or people who 'get you'. If this resonates with you or you have an inkling that maybe your tiredness might be a symptom of deeper, more soul level weariness, it's a great time to explore breathwork ( breathwork is great for so many things, including to help you to reconnecct with inner self and receive insight on how to redirect things to live more  in line with who you really are)

If you know that you've been neglecting your inner world amidst the busyness of daily life take some time to consider the things that you intuitively know 'feed your soul' and find ways to bring more of these in to your life.

If you can't think of anything, consider the things that you used to love as a child, there may still be a resonance with those things in some way.. Or finish this sentence with whatever first comes to mind eg "music feeds my soul"
"_______soothes my soul" or "_____feeds my soul".

Just as we all need to nourish and care for our bodies and minds, we need to nourish and feed our souls too!


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