there is! - your breath...

Your breath is your very own inner reset and recalibrate support system!

Because you can directly influence your nervous system through your breath, breathwork and breathing techniques are one of the most effective ways to switch off the stream of anxious thoughts and increase your sense of inner calm.

How you feel influences how you breathe and how you breathe also influences how you feel, so by shifting your breathing pattern you can create a shift in your emotions and support your nervous system to switch off your stress response.

Supporting your physical body through nutrition and herbs can also make a huge difference if you're prone to anxiety or experiencing stress.

Sometimes when we've been under chronic stress (as most of us have been this year!) our nervous system become dysregulated and even the smallest thing can set off stress response, leading us to feel overwhelmed when ordinarily we wouldn't be so affected.

Many of us are walking around with layers of built up stress and emotions, feeling like a pressure cooker about to boil over. Breathwork can help you let go of this build up, allowing your threshold to stress to increase and helping you to reset and gain perspective reducing the swirl of anxious thoughts.

Breathing techniques can be used both acutely when you you notice yourself starting to feel overwhelmed or anxious and also as part of your regular self care which over time helps to create new habits around you breath and general and in how your nervous system responds to every sources of stress.

If you'd like to learn how to use your breath to switch off stress and anxiety I regularly run small online group sessions which you can find and register for here:

I also offer 1:1 breathwork sessions and packages including my 6 week Breath & Body Balance Package For More Energy & Less Stress which includes individually tailored nutritional and herbal support to boost energy and reduce stress and 4 1:1 breathwork sessions- you can read about it here:
There is a payment plan available please contact me for details.

I also share simple breathing techniques in my BreathSpace Facebook group which you're very welcome to join here:


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