Why am I so tired all of the time?- I just want my energy back!

Does this feel familiar? This is the cry of so many women!

Why are we so chronically tired?

Operating on sub-par energy has become the normal way of being for many women and of course there are individual reasons as to why but here is a quick list  of aspects to consider if you're finding yourself regularly feeling tired or as if you're dragging yourself through  the day....


Are you getting enough? Is the sleep that you are getting a quality, restorative sleep or are you waking frequently, tossing and turning or being kept awake by an active mind?
Are you staying up too late or wasting time on social media or using screens right before bedtime?
We all have slightly different requirements for sleep to restore energy and allow us to function at our best- how many hours do you need?

Your diet-

Are you giving your body the nutrition and fuel that it needs? Are you making your body work harder to process and metabolise things that it doesn't need such as sugar, processed foods, alcohol or too much caffeine? You body actually has to use nutrients to allow it to manage these not so  helpful foods or drinks

Your eating habits-

Are you missing meals and letting your blood sugar drop too low affecting both your energy levels and food choices? Are you eating whilst stressed or multitasking, making it hard for your body to digest properly?

Your stress levels-

What do you have in place to help you manage stress? (we all experience it no matter how effective we may be at rationalising it!).  Over time chronic stress really taxes your body and your adrenal glands making it harder to deal with stress effectively. Adrenal hormone output also greatly impacts your energy levels and all of your other hormones.

Do you tend to internalise stress until it builds up to breaking point or are you creating time for regular stress release, down time and relaxation?

Movement and fresh air-

Are you getting enough? Is the exercise that you're doing the right type and right amount for your body? Are you getting outside daily for fresh air and exposure to natural light?

Your hormones-

Do you really feel tired all of the time or is your fatigue more hormonal and occurring at different times of your cycle? Has your fatigue been worse since peri-menopause or menopause? Or since starting the pill or other hormonal contraception?

Your immune system-

Have you recently had a virus? Post viral fatigue can linger for some time following a viral infection, we can also be fighting viruses unknowingly which can really sap your energy.

Do you seem to have lots of allergies or are you suspect that you're reacting to certain foods? If your immune system is being triggered regularly by viral, environmental or dietary elements, fatigue will occur.

Emotional aspects-

Are you holding on to things that no longer serve you? Holding in and squashing down emotions or not speaking up about something that is really bothering you drains your energy and your vitality. Are there things or people that you need to stop saying 'yes' to when you really want or need to say 'no' or set some boundaries?

Spiritual aspects-

Are you taking time to do the things that light you up? Those often seemingly small, but simple pleasures which feed the soul and enliven the spirit?

The activities or things in your life that give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment? Do you currently have a practice which supports you to turn inwards and reconnect with who you really are and what feels true or right for you amidst everything that you're doing?

There are many other factors which can influence your energy levels, these are just some of the most common and important aspects to consider when taking a holistic approach. Often it's not just one thing that is contributing to making you feel tired, but a combination of factors.

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