supporting your body through stress...

So often it's the the times that we need it most that it can feel most challenging to keep up the habits and things that support you most!

As we continue to navigate this time of uncertainty and stress it's super important to be looking after yourself to enable you to maintain your health and wellbeing because goodness knows how long this is going to go on for!

Your mind and body are interconnected so having strategies in place that you can use regularly will help you to keep stress levels at bay whilst preventing a build up of stress and tension in your physical body.

De-stressing through breath and movement are my preferred options for dealing with both acute stresses as they happen and as part of my regular self care practices for daily stress management and wellbeing.

To learn some simple practices you're welcome to join my Breath Space Facebook group here:

On a physical level, during times of stress it's really important to be giving your body the nutrients that it needs to counter the effects of stress. Key stress support nutrients are magnesium, B vitamins and vitamin C.

When we're under chronic stress out needs for these nutrients will increase significantly and even more so if you're also consuming more caffeine or sugar!

Whilst ideally you want to meet your nutritional needs through your diet, realistically during times of high stress supplementation is often required.

When you're stressed, due to the release of stress hormones, your blood sugar can tend to become a bit unstable so it's really important to be making sure you get adequate protein with your meals and snacks.

Often during times of stress you may crave more sugar and carbohydrates, so it's important to also include protein to prevent finding yourself on a blood sugar roller coaster which actually makes you even more susceptible to stress!

Emotional or stress eating can be a real challenge for many during times of stress or alcohol may seem like an appealing option to help you feel more relaxed or to numb some of the overwhelm or uncomfortable feelings. It's important to have compassion for yourself if this has been the case for you.
Beating yourself up when you're already not feeling great won't solve the issue!

Unfortunately food and alcohol are only temporary fixes,often leaving you feeling even worse afterwards, so finding ways to help you to manage stress, emotions or uncomfortable feelings is super important to not rely on these as coping mechanisms.

Again breathwork can be REALLY helpful in these times as it helps you to process and release what you are feeling so that you don't need something to numb or distract you.

I also offer 1:1 breathwork sessions and these are included in my 6 session package where we also use individually tailored nutritional and herbal support to bring your nervous system and body back in to balance read about it here:

There are some fantastic herbs to support your nervous system and adrenal glands and protect your body from stress. There are a group of herbs called 'adaptogens' which work with your body to help it to adapt or respond better to stress, lessening many of the symptoms related to stress.

Some of these herbs can work best for acute stress and others for when the stress is ongoing or when you're finding yourself feeling tired, depleted and run down following on going or chronic stress.

Stress often interferes with sleep causing insomnia or frequent waking which can leave you feeling unrefreshed in the mornings and more reactive and susceptible to stress and overwhelm during the day.

Creating some sort of wind down routine in the evenings can help, perhaps a bath, some relaxing herbal tea (my Unwind tea blend is perfect for this  you can find it here: ) switching off screens and making some time for some meditation, mindfulness or guided relaxation- Calm app, Headspace or Smiling Mind are good apps for guided relaxation or mindfulness practices).

Remember also to keep you hydration up, when you're even

slightly dehydrated you will be more susceptible to stress and anxiety. If you find it hard to drink enough water in the cold weather, herbal teas are a great option.

If you're feeling out of whack, stressed and depleted and would like to make a time to discuss the best options for you appointments can be booked online here:

All appointments are currently via phone or online through zoom.


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