Have you become comfortable with being uncomfortable?

By this, I mean are there certain patterns that you tend to fall in to in relation to your health, eating habits, relationships, way of dealing with stress or difficult emotions(or not dealing with stress/emotions) and ways of thinking that have become comfortable because they're familiar- yet on some level you know they're not actually helpful?

Being uncomfortable, paradoxically can somehow seem comfortable because it keeps us feeling safe with what has become familiar. It can keep us in a comfortable but also uncomfortable comfort zone.

What feels predictable and 'normal' for us can help us to feel safe or in control- yet a part of us feels weighed down or like something is missing or just knows that things could be so much better.

This can relate to any area of your life, whether it's your physical health, your career, your relationships or your habits around eating.

Why do we do this?

We all have ingrained habitual ways of thinking and behaving. Our thoughts create feelings which lead to actions which create outcomes, or our reality. If we do/think/behave the way we always have, we will continue to get the outcomes/feel/see things the way we always have.

We also can't know what we don't know, so bringing awareness to habitual thoughts, behaviors and habits is crucial in the process of change. Sometimes this can be hard to do alone unless you're consciously making the effort to bring more awareness to how you're thinking, feeling or choosing to do things.

The other thing is, that your comfort zone can also keep things running along without causing any of the upheaval that creating change or stepping out of your comfort zone can seem to create.

When we seek to break habitual patterns of thinking or behaving we will often be met with some inner resistance and may also have to look within and examine what these comfortable but self-sabotaging habits are keeping us 'safe' from. This can also require examining underlying feelings which we've tried to avoid having to feel or acknowledge.

Because if we truly listened to and felt these feelings we'd have to take a different action or do something differently and that would take us away from that all familiar comfort zone!

This is why change can feel so hard, especially at first. It can be why so often you might have had the experience of  starting out really well when it comes to doing something positive to create a new habit or create a change in your life of some kind, whether it's to lose weight, reduce your time being distracted on a screen of some sort and be more present to your children, to stop saying 'yes' when you really want to say 'no' or to stop eating sugar!

Having someone to support you like a coach or health practitioner or mentor as you begin the process of creating change can be incredibly important, for both accountability and also navigating the resistance that you can feel when you begin to step out of your comfort zone or your 'normal but not happy/healthy' way of being.

Eventually once your new  healthier or more helpful habits become your new normal that reliance on external support may not be so necessary, but initially it can be the difference between staying stuck in an uncomfortable or unfulfilling comfort zone and moving towards the life or health or relationship that you deeply desire!

When working with clients around creating the change to move towards greater health, happiness, fulfillment etc I utilise a combination of practical strategies and supporting the physical body, mindset or cognitive process, coaching and often breath work to shift things on a mind/body/spirit level- breath work is THE most powerful way to create positive change on all levels that I have experienced and it's the element that most often seems to make the biggest difference in the process of positive change for clients..

Where in your life have you been resisting the whispers of your heart?

You can usually tell by looking at the area of your life where you feel most uncomfortable, unfulfilled by or weighed down by.

Where do you really need to create change but are resisting because it feels to hard or scary?

If you would like to step out of that  sort-of-comfortable- but-uncomfortable comfort zone whether it relates to feeling tired all of the time, physical symptoms that you're putting up with or stress that you feel more often than not just reply to this email or book an appointment here: https://blossomwellbeing.as.me/

And if you're a current client and are ready to dive right in and start creating BIG shifts on all levels you can book a breath work session here: https://blossomwellbeing.as.me/?appointmentType=4116723



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