Do you need to lose the stress to be able to also lose the weight?

Chronic stress (even daily stress that is lowish yet on going) has the potential to negatively influence all aspects of health and wellbeing.

Stress is very often a contributing factor for hormonal, digestive, immune, skin and sleep issues as well as often being the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to weight loss or to staying on track with healthy eating!

Both acute and long term stress are usually factors with struggles around food, eating habits and losing or maintaining a healthy weight.

For many people, food is very much a habitual go-to when stress levels or emotions are present.
This can be a learned thing from earlier on in life, as well as something that we've seen people around us do- it's even often featured in movies or TV shows where some experiences a relationship break up or is feeling lonely or low and devours ice cream straight from the tub..

Stress can influence our food choices- often when under stressed we may seek out sugary or carbohydrate rich foods or chocolate all of which have both an influence on our brain and neurotransmitters and also have the effect of temporarily 'numbing' whatever emotions or stress  when are experiencing. This is short lived of course and what goes up must come down and we are often left feeling worse than before as blood sugar crashes again and self- critical thoughts or feelings of failure or that we've blown the healthy eating once again....

Stress also wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels, affects your sleep (which then also affects your metabolism and blood sugar levels!) and encourages your body to store fat- especially around your belly!

If you tend to store fat around your belly, this also then potentially affects your hormones and can make it very difficult to shift unless you address your stress levels!

We are all under various levels of stress and often quite a lot of the time, so being somewhat stressed can start to feel like your new normal.

We ALL need strategies or outlets for regular stress management and relaxation (even if we don't necessarily feel consciously stressed!) and these are something that we focus on in the 6 Week Holistic Weight Loss Program which provides a mind body approach to weight loss.

There is an eating plan with recipe book (modifiable for other family members) and we do focus on improving your physical health through healthy eating and creating healthier habits but we also focus on stress, emotional eating and other elements which are essential for maintaining greater health..

With the end of year fast approaching there there are just a couple of weeks left to be able to sign up to the program and end the year on a healthier note!
The strategies that we will be incorporating will also support you through the potentially stressful or challenging festive season where many people feel like their stress levels peak and they 'fall of the wagon' with healthy habits...

Read about the program and what you receive here:

There is a fortnightly payment plan options and your appointments can be in person or via phone/skype and you receive support outside of your appointments for additional accountablity or navigating challenges as they may arise..

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