Whilst in the shower recently one evening (where great thinking tends to happen for many Mums!) I was running through my 'achievements' for the day, the things that I had managed to do that I was able to tick off my  mental to-do list..

Did I achieve very much today?

I realised that yes, there were a few things that I had managed to get done and  therefore considered that I had been reasonably productive etc etc.. but then I stopped myself and thought about how many 'things' I had done or provided for others (namely my family!) that day which were either less tangible or just downright taken for granted because I do them everyday- yet these things are no less important than those things on the to-do list!

Things like, listening to a child talking about an issue they had at school, reassuring another child about something that was worrying them, making sure everyone had a decent breakfast before they left the house, making nutritious lunches for everyone, tidying bedrooms and finding 'lost' library books, washing, planning and making dinner so that tired, hungry people have something to eat when they come home from school/work, making dental appointments, listening to another child's concerns about some conflict with another child at school...the list goes on.

No wonder we feel tired at the end of the day!

Think about all that you do and provide for those around through the course of every single day (and night!).

Some of these things are predictable and require action which can be measured and ticked of a to-do list whilst others are harder to measure or tick off a list- those things which make such a difference to those around you- your presence, listening, emotional support and guidance which you are giving and doing each day- yet so often we as Mums are pushing ourselves to do more and tick things off lists and if we're not we can tend to think that we're not doing/achieving or being enough!

If you notice that you're hard on yourself and always feel like you need to do more or you're measuring your worth or sense of achievement based on how many things you managed to tick off a list, consider also just how much you're actually also giving and doing that cant be quantified!

Even on those days where you feel like you didn't 'get anything done' you've probably contributed and achieved more than you thought!

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