Thinking of 'going on a diet' this new year?

Instead of starting a diet this new year, working on your relationship with food is likely far more effective in the long run!

Eating well is foundational for your health and wellbeing and looking at what you're eating and how much of it is a factor if you're wanting to reduce your weight, however it's super important to also consider how, why and when you're eating so that you can begin to create a healthier, more empowered relationship with food rather than a cycle of restrictive diets or periods of all-or-nothing type eating (eg. really healthy eating followed by binge eating before getting back on to a restrictive type diet).

For many of us, food is our go-to at times when we're feeling stressed, anxious, flat, tired, bored, sad, angry of lonely and it's often a habit so ingrained that we may not always recognise that we're doing it.

Have you ever found yourself eating your child's uneaten snacks out of habit even though you're not hungry?

Or suddenly realising that you've eaten an entire packet of crackers or bar of chocolate but can't really remember even tasting them?

We can all fall into the habit of eating when we're not actually hungry, either mindlessly or out of habit or driven by our emotions (which we may also be trying to avoid feeling!)

Whilst food may provide a temporary sense of comfort or distraction, it doesn't make the feelings go away for more than a short time and instead often creates more feelings as a result such as shame or hopelessness, or feeling like a failure or just general discomfort for having eaten when you weren't actually hungry.

Creating healthier habits around food and eating and breaking the habit of comfort or emotional eating takes more than willpower and sticking to an eating plan.

It's not even really about willpower and a diet or eating plan at all, but more so about awareness and a commitment to make choices that serve you and finding ways to manage stress or difficult feelings in other ways.

When I work one to one with women around emotional eating or with weight loss itself, there is always focus on the mental emotional component and on finding  ways to be able to get more comfortable actually feeling these things that we have been using food to avoid feeling and safely releasing them.

Mindfulness can be very effective in helping you bring more awareness to your habits around food and what is driving them as well as increasing your ability to listen to your body.

If overeating is a habit for you, using simple mindfulness techniques can help you eat the right amount for your body or if you find yourself in autopilot reaching for something sweet after dinner or when you're feeling flat it can help you to check in with yourself around what you're REALLY needing at that time.

My online Mindful Eating Program can support you in creating healthier habits around food and eating.

Designed to be done at your own pace, with focus on one topic at a time which allows you to implement and create healthier habits which build upon each other.

You'll also learn simple, effective mindfulness techniques which can help to reduce stress and increase calmness throughout daily life.

Includes audios with transcripts plus guided meditations and other processes + workbook

Learn strategies to stop emotional and stress eating and create a healthier relationship with food and your body.

Just $47 for immediate access and go through the program at your own pace (focusing on one topic per week works best for most people)

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Some feedback from other women who have gone through the program:

“ I had been on a diet since I was a teenager and felt out of control with food and my weight. Since doing this program, I have found it much easier to make healthier choices every day instead of only when I am ‘on a diet’. I am learning to take better care of myself and to find ways other than food to deal with my emotions. I have learned a lot about myself and feel like I am in control again."


"I found the mindfulness strategies really helpful, not just around eating but in all areas of my life. I feel like I am a much calmer person since doing the program!" -Michelle

"For a long time I struggled with my eating patterns, too much, too little, not enough, too much! Then I learnt about intuitive eating with Annabel. This was a game changer for me - I stopped being driven by external emotional forces, I just stopped, breathed, slowed down and connected with my inner wisdom. What a gift! Annabel is such a leader, she 100% practices what she teaches and holds the space beautifully. Her wisdom and guidance is something that I am truly grateful for and keep coming back for more! "- Julie
Online self-paced Mindful Eating Program see what is included and sign up here:…/


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