Shift out of stagnation or sluggishness one step at a time..

If you've been feeling stuck and stagnant despite having a bit more freedom since some restrictions have lifted, consider just one thing that you can either do or maybe not do that might help you shift out of it.

Statistics of changes in people's eating and lifestyle habits throughout the time of social isolation have shown that many people have been doing less exercise, eating more and doing more sedentary activities such as watching TV or streaming movies etc.

If you've found yourself being less active or less motivated to keep up your healthy habits and are feeling a bit stuck or stagnant, just choose one thing to start doing now and build on that. Sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in a comfort zone of sorts that isn't actually very comfortable! Here is a blog about that:

For many of us our routines have changed throughout this time and whilst it may feel hard to get back on track with kids learning at home or gyms closed or whatever else has changed for you, just deciding to do one thing that will take you towards how you would like to be feeling is the most important first step!

If emotional or stress eating has been prevalent during this time, start being more mindful of your food choices by asking yourself before you eat "Do I really need this food right now?" and "What do I really need right now" eg it might be fresh air, a few minutes to yourself, a good cry, a bath, a walk around the block etc.

If your exercise or movement routine has gone out the window start small with a daily walk around the block- don't let the cold put you off- it can be invigorating!

Speaking of invigorating, I've been challenging myself with Wim Hof inspired cold showers each morning and whilst I don't love it at the time, afterwards I feel amazing!

Cold showers combined with breathwork are one of the most effective way to clear out feelings of stagnation or sluggishness!

There are also many other health benefits such as improved circulation, increased immune function, increased production of endorphins for clarity and a mood boost.

If you want to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and experience the exhilarating effects of cold showers (you start with a warm shower and end with a cold shower for gradually longer times- the breathwork is essential to get through it!) you can find out more about Wim Hof and the benefits of cold showers on you tube. Here is one video link:

If cold showers feel too far out of your comfort zone (especially during Ballarat winter!) but you would like to learn how to achieve similar benefits through breathwork, mention this next time you book an appointment . There are many effective breathwork techniques to clear stagnation, reduce stress,increase energy and support your overall health.

All consultations are still via phone or online through zoom at this stage. Appointments of all kinds can be booked online here:

And if you do decide to challenge your comfort zone and take the plunge in to daily cold showers I'd love to hear how you go with them!


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