Help!  My gut has gone crazy!

Many people have experienced varying degrees of digestive issues such as bloating, reflux, indigestion and bowel issues for so long that it's just begun to feel normal for them!

But if things suddenly intensify, or symptoms appear seemingly out of now where many people often begin to suspect that maybe something that they're eating is causing the issue and often this is the case.

But as well as looking in to possible foods that are triggering for symptoms, the other BIG component that often gets overlooked is STRESS!

So much of your nervous system tissue is actually in your gut, so stress and gut issues tend to be closely linked.

For many people digestive symptoms are the first physical sign of their stress levels. The stress which leads to digestive issues may be either acute (in response to current, short term stress), or chronic (long term stress that may have been present for years but just feels sort of normal)..

When you're stressed you are more likely to develop food intolerances and to experience digestive symptoms because when you're stressed you simply CANNOT digest.

Then to further add to the stress on your body, eating foods that you have developed a sensitivity or intolerance to creates it's own kind of physical stress!

The there is also the added stress many people will then understandably begin to experience of not knowing what is going on, what they're reacting to, when they're going to have a reaction and what they actually CAN eat without triggering their uncomfortable symptoms...

My approach in this situation is to:
-Identify which foods you are reacting to either through a guided elimination and reintroduction process or through a simple finger prick blood test which tests your reaction to 96 commonly eaten foods

-Support your gut and overall digestion to reduce your symptoms and reactivity

-Address the sources of  your stress that are contributing to gut and digestive issues and support your nervous system

-Focus on creating healthy digestive habits to optimise your digestion and nutrient absorption


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