What has your body been trying to tell you? Have you been paying attention?

Your body is communicating with you all of the time! Sometimes we miss the signals or choose not to listen or we don't quite know how to interpret our body's messages.

When something is out of balance or not working for you, your body will let you know in the form of feelings, sensations or symptoms.

Sometimes these messages relate to physical things like certain foods not agreeing with your body, certain types of movement or exercise not working for your body.

Your body also lets you know when less tangible things are needing attention, you might need to stop taking on so much and learn to set stronger boundaries and say "No" to things, a relationship isn't working for you or you may have shut down from feelings and emotions which are still held in your body and needing your attention.

When you've buried emotions this can lead to a sense of inner tension or muscular tension which won't be resolved until those emotions have been able to be released.

Sometime these emotions can be really old,they may have been deeply buried for years yet even though they are buried below the level of your awareness, they're still affecting you on a subconscious level, influencing your reactions, behaviours and perceptions of life or of yourself.

It's not uncommon to be so caught up in the busyness of life that we ignore our bodies and just keep doing what we've always been doing-even when it's no longer really working for us!

Our needs and our body's needs change through time, so it's really important to be regularly paying attention to what is going on in your body and to what is going on for you mentally and emotionally so that your body doesn't need to scream through symptoms to get your attention!

This is yet another reason why I find breathwork to be such a helpful and holistic modality because it gives you the space to turn your attention inwards and begin to tune in to what your body, mind and spirit wanting to tell you.

Because it also helps you release the layers of stress and static and habitual patterns of thought, you are able to access your inner knowing and redirect however you need to to be living more in alignment with who you really are.

It becomes easier to say no to things that aren't serving you, you become more trusting of your intuition and are able to make choices in your life which better serve you.

My online small group sessions are a great way to begin to experience different forms of breathwork from the comfort of your own home.

I regularly run Breathwork For Tired, Stressed Or Overwhelmed Women which offers a mid-week de-stress and reset allowing you to go back out into your daily life feeling lighter, more relaxed and clearer.  In Chakra Balancing Breathwork we use several techniques to activate and energise each of your body's major energy centres/chakras helping to also release emotions, limiting beliefs and stuck energy. Great to vitalise body, mind and spirit and balance your energy. You can find upcoming sessions here: http://www.blossomwellbeing.com.au/breathspace-sessions

If you prefer 1:1 to group things, you will find information on 1:1 breathwork sessions or combined naturopathy/breathwork sessions along with  deeper dive packages on my website here: http://www.blossomwellbeing.com.au


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