Do you need to make more time for time on your own?

One of the things that I found most challenging about early motherhood was suddenly not ever getting any time on my own.
As my children have grown and gone off to school, time alone is easier to come by- school holidays aside.

For me, time spent on my own is the thing that replenishes me the most. In particular time spent at home on my own, where I can enjoy the silence within the house and go about doing whatever needs to be done (mostly) uninterupted and at my own pace.

As an introvert and someone who tends to be sensitive/empathic to the energies and emotions of others, I have learned that time spent on my own, in my own space naturally allows my nervous system to decompress and relax, replenishing my energy reserves.

I find that after some time alone I always feel calmer, clearer, more centred in myself and certainly more patient.

Often we forget how important time spent alone is for self care.

I find that  for my own health and wellbeing, aside from breathwork and meditation, no amount of stress management strategies, supplements, herbs, massages etc can replace the benefits of time spent alone for my health and wellbeing.

Have you considered whether you may need to create more time to spend alone?

Do you replenish your energy reserves on your own or do you feel more energised by time spent interacting with others?

With the societal busy-ness addiction and the constant pressure on women to do more, be more and achieve more, many women feel like they're wasting time if they're not out doing something and forget that quiet time spent alone is often ultimately more productive in the long run that pushing to do more or to get out and socialise.

We are by nature social creatures, so it's also important to spend time catching up with our social networks, families and community, but if you tend to be more introverted, rather than being energised by social contact you may find yourself tired or drained by it, especially if you're not prioritising your need for time alone. It's not about being anti-social- it's quite necessary!

We all need both time spent in the company of others and time spent alone in varying amounts, but it's an important thing to know and honour for yourself.


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