A gentle spring cleanse can be a greatway to reset your body following the winter.

Many people can tend to feel a bit bloated, sluggish and heavy following reduced movement and having eaten heavier foods over the colder months.

A gentle spring cleanse is a great way to let go of winter sluggishness and if you're feeling as though you've gained some weight here are a 5 ways that a gentle spring cleanse program can help you to holistically lose weight:

  1. Reduced Inflammation: Provided that a cleanse is done carefully, reducing foods and exposure to chemicals which tend to create inflammation can help you to burn fat. When your body is inflamed, with lots of inflammatory hormones being produced in response to toxins, it is very hard to burn fat due to the way that the inflammatory hormones that your body makes tend to increase weight gain
  2. A digestive cleanse which involves digestive and gut flora support can help to repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria whilst also keeping undesirable gut bacteria at bay- your gut bacteria can actually influence your metabolism and food cravings!
  3. Liver Support For Optimal Detoxification: Supporting your liver through the four phases of detoxification helps your body to safely eliminate toxins as well as supporting your liver (which is always working really hard for your benefit!) to reduce liver overload or congestion and sluggishness which is essential for fat burning
  4. Hormone Regulation and Sensitivity: When we think of hormones, we usually think first about reproductive hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone but there are some other really important hormones which play a big role in regulating your metabolism and appetite. These include insulin, leptin and ghrelin. Through unhealthy diet and lifestyle factors, we can become less sensitive to these hormones making it hard to control appetite, burn fat and metabolise foods effectively. Through a thorough cleanse your body's sensitivity to these important hormones can be increased, allowing them to work for effectively and reduce your reliance on willpower!
  5. Gut Repair: By taking the load off your gut and reducing your intake of foods which tend to aggravate or inflame your gut, your nutrient intake will be improved. An inflamed, leaky gut can't absorb nutrients optimally and is more vulnerable to becoming further inflamed due to proteins and toxins coming in through your diet, leading to further inflammation and symptoms!

A gentle cleansing or detoxification program tailored individually to you and your needs can also help to reduce common symptoms such as headaches, bloating, constipation, skin breakouts and low energy.

Ideally a gentle cleanse will involve reducing inflammatory foods, chemicals and toxins such as alcohol whilst increasing easy to digest,nutritious foods and plenty of water and herbals teas alongside individually tailored, high quality herbal or nutritional supplements to suit your needs.


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