Pyroluria and Social Anxiety

Pyroluria and social anxiety, depression or hormonal imbalance

What is Pyroluria?

Pyroluria is a little known, but not entirely uncommon condition which involves deficiencies of several key nutrients which lead to symptoms of anxiety (especially social anxiety), depression, hormonal imbalances and PMS.

This condition tends to be common in families where there is a strong history of anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions or alcoholism and eating disorders. There is a genetic component, but it can also develop as a result of high stress or trauma at any stage of life.

Whilst holistic management involves looking at all of the factors which are influencing your mental and overall health, supplementing with vitamins and minerals (especially zinc and vitamin B6 in specific forms and their co-factors) to address the deficiencies can make a HUGE difference to your symptoms.

Some of the key symptoms of Pyroluria are:

  • social anxiety or generalised anxiety
  • depression
  • terrible mood changes pre-menstrually
  • joint hypermobility or connective tissue issues
  • poor appetite or nausea in the mornings (find it hard to eat breakfast)
  • gut issues and food sensitivities
  • heavy metal build up
  • fertility issues including recurrent miscarriage
  • allergy type symptoms including sneezing in sun or bright light
  • noise and light sensitivity
  • poor immunity and frequent infections (especially viral infections or cold sores)
  • white spots on fingernails
  • Pyroluria is also very common in people on the Autism spectrum, amongst people who have a history eating disorders, OCD or addictions

How do you find out if you have Pyroluria?

Testing for Pyroluria requires a referral for a urine test which is done at the pathology lab. The test itself is not overly expensive ($80) and is well worth it if it's associated nutritional deficiencies are playing a role in how you are feeling.

If you would like to be tested, contact me or arrange a consultation.


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