Imagine if instead of premenstrual irritability, you experienced premenstrual creativity?

Can you imagine if the week (or two weeks) before your period wasn't a time that you dreaded?

That you didn't find yourself trying to hold it together keeping a lid on all of those things that are REALLY annoying you or trying to stop yourself from bursting in to tears at the seemingly smallest things? It is completely possible!

I love this time of my cycle(this hasn't always been the case!), it's the time when I get the most inspiration and ideas. I see clearly what is working in my life and what it not. My intuition is clear as are my boundaries so it's easy to let go of that which isn't serving me before moving on to the next cycle..

The week before your period can actually be a time of high creativity, a time where you suddenly gain more clarity about what is working for you in your life and what isn't.

A time to notice all of those things that you put up with or pushed aside or didn't speak up about earlier in the month which are actually REALLY bothering you..

A time to set boundaries and say no to what no longer serves you..

A time when you're much closer to your intuition and to what is going on in your inner world as your focus gradually moves more inwards rather thn outwards (this can be a big part of the struggle that is so common for so many women during this time of the cycle as you're being called to slow down and turn your focus more inwards but that can be a real challenge when you have work to be done or family to care for and you have to keep trying to just push on as usual..

Instead, for so many women it's very challegening time with hormonal imbalances making it so much harder to navigate whilst experiencing both physical symptoms as well as emotional fragility or volatility.

It can feel like you're at the mercy of your hormones rather than a potentially empowering time.

If the same issues seem to surface and really annoy or upset you, it's important to listen- not necessarily act on it during this time, but to listen and reflect.

Being cyclic has challenges, particularly given that society a linear way of operating, productivity and consistency at all times etc when as cyclic women, we naturally experience ebbs and flows- but being cyclic also has the potential to be a source of empowerment rather than something that you're dreading each month...

Tracking your cycle can be really beneficial for all women because it can help youto see patterns in your energy levels, your emotions and thoughts and you can then work with these patterns and plan ahead so that you're not going against your natural energy cycle.

If the week or two before your period is always a challenging time for you, it is also likely that hormonal imbalance is making it much harder to navigate.

Even if this has 'always been the way' for you, there are natural options that can help to support your hormones back in to balance so that the second part of your cycle is not so challenging.

You're not meant to dread quarter or half of every month, nor is it just a 'normal part of being a woman'..


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