Have you ever felt like a terrible mother? Or experienced 'mother guilt'?

My son came home from school one day last week and told me that I'd forgotten to pack his lunch and that he hadn't eaten all day at school.. my stomach lurched as I thought of him being hungry at and lunch time sitting there with nothing to eat..

I noticed that reel of thoughts that immediately started running through my mind about being a terrible mother, he'll think I don't care about him, how unfocused I must have been to let this happen etc etc.. Here comes a big dose of 'mother guilt'!

It turned out that we'd had a miscommunication because it was actually his 'lunch order' day and early in the morning he'd told me that he was ordering it online and then he'd obviously got side tracked and forgotten.

I told him that in future, if this was to happen again, all he needed to do was tell his teacher and ask her to call me and I would bring some lunch in to him..

He was hungry but he wasn't traumatised, yet I could feel that old familiar feeling that we Mums can be so quick to feel when we feel like we've let our children down..

So rather than let the heavy, sinking feeling remain in my belly or the unhelpful thoughts keep circulating and making me feel worse, I went off and did some breathwork.

Breathwork allows you to quickly release emotions being held in your body and can help you to stop the circuit of unhelpful-hard-on-self or self critical thoughts that just make you feel even worse.

Of course we never want to let our children down but it's helpful to have strategies to use on those inevitable occasions where we do fall short (or feel like we have).

We Mums have enough on our plates and give enough emotional energy out each day, there's no need to beat ourselves up and stew in these unhelpful feelings of guilt or self criticism as it doesn't serve anyone!

Breathwork allows you to acknowledge the feeling and let it go and this actually frees up energy to allow you to be more present to your children -and less likely to send your child to school without lunch!

I would love to arm you with a tool box of breathwork strategies that you can use whenever you need them whether that is to release mother guilt, feelings of stress or overwhelm, anger, frustration or anxiety and to also be able to breath in more calm, confidence or clarity!

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