Hormones Driving You Crazy

It's Ok to not be Ok

We're now almost a month  in to lockdown 2.0 and we've still got at least a couple more weeks of life as we currently know it.

It's completely understandable to be experiencing a whole range of different emotions and responses to the current situation- often all in the course of just one day!

There are so many different elements that we are all grappling with and then there will also be nuances depending on our individual circumstances.

There is no one way that you should be feeling and it's ok to sometimes be feeling optimistic and seeing the positives in the current situation and then at other times feeling fearful, frustrated, alone or overwhelmed.

The key when you're finding things harder to navigate is to acknowledge how you're feeling, be compassionate with yourself and listen to what you need right now to help you move through it.

I've noticed that I seem to have an average of one day each week where I begin to feel stifled or a bit flat or more bothered by things that on other days. It usually corresponds with having had a poorer quality sleep than usual but sometimes seems to just come out of nowhere.

The key for me on these days has been to acknowledge that I've experienced these kind of flat feeling days previously during this situation and they always pass.

I've kept up my daily breathwork because I know that without it, this whole situation would feel more stressful, but on flat days, I make time to do even more breathwork than usual which helps me to process and shift built up stress or emotions so that I don't stay stuck in them.  This also helps to bring more awareness to my thoughts and how my own thinking about how I'm feeling, or the current situation might not be helpful.

Getting out twice day for fresh air and exercise has been my absolute sanity saver and quickly helps me to shift feelings of stagnation or feeling like I'm stuck inside and can't get any space!

It's good to have a toolbox of supports and strategies which you can call upon when you need them and ideally incorporating these things into your days regularly as part of your self care can help reduce the days that you find yourself struggling or feeling really stressed or overwhelmed, both during this current situation and beyond.

I've embraced technology to now be able to offer breathwork sessions online, both 1:1 sessions and small group sessions.

Breathwork allows you to create space when you can't actually get any of it  whilst we're all at home and remote learning is happening. It gives you an opportunity to process and let go of built up stress, tension and emotions allowing you  shift your perspective on things which is especially helpful when we can't change the external situation!

You can get however you're really feeling off chest so that you're not pushing through with "I'm fine" gritted teeth and clenched jaw, on the verge of an implosion or explosion if the kids do one more thing to annoy you!

You can find upcoming online BreathSpace sessions here: http://www.blossomwellbeing.com.au/breathspace-sessions



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