I'm just a worrier. All of the women in my family are worriers..

Are you a 'worrier'?

Have you found yourself justifying this by saying 'I'm just worrier' or something like 'well, we're all worriers in my family'? It's time to stop!

I get it. Worrying is strong in my family too and I still catch myself out worrying at times.

But you have a choice!

A choice to keep worrying because thats just what you do or what you've always done or to make a conscious choice to notice when worry creeps in or when you go in to your default mode of worrying.

You know that worrying doesn't change anything for the better, infact it just drains your energy and takes you away from the present moment while you're mind is circling around the potential 'what if's'.

Changing any habit takes awareness and practice but the first step is noticing that you're doing it or that you have a tendency to default in to a habitual way of thinking, feeling, doing, being etc and the choosing to change it!

At your core, you are not a 'worrier'!

Worrying is a tendency or a habit that you've been used to and are identifying with but you CAN make a different choice to free up your energy and change your habitual way of thinking.


The first step is the awareness that you're doing it. We can't change anything until we become aware of it in the first place and that there IS another way! You're not destined to just be a worrier unless you choose to continue that habit.

Habits take awareness and time and conscious effort to change but just like changing any habit, you can change the pattern of habitual worrying.

There are some fantastic natural options to support your nervous system if there is a physical component to your worry, mild generalised anxiety and tension.

There are also very simple strategies involving mindfulness, breathwork and meditation along with cognitive processes to stop worrying it it's tracks!

If you would like to break the pattern of worrying (even if all of your family have been worriers!) contact me to book a 60 minute session book online here: https://blossomwellbeing.as.me/?appointmentType=1157307) where you can learn some simple effective strategies- imagine how much time and energy you can free up if you're not spending it worrying!


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