Grounding to help reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm and increase your focus

Grounding- it's not glamorous sounding but so many of us need it desperately!

What does it mean to be 'grounded'?

When you're grounded, you are present and aware in your body rather than being up in your head in a whirl of thoughts and stress.

Energy flows where your attention goes and most of us don't consciously focus on being 'in our bodies' or on being solidly grounded.

Being grounded allows you to respond rather than react.

Taking a few moments to bring your attention into your body is an effective way to create more mindfulness, bringing you in to the present moment rather than being caught up in thoughts of what you need to do next or worrying or stressful thinking.

Being grounded is important for all of us and it's also super important for those who tend to experience anxiety or whom identify as being empathic or highly sensitive.

When I work with women who are either prone to experiencing anxiety or who are highly sensitive or empathic to the energies and environment around them, grounding techniques are incredibly important and effective strategies for reducing overwhelm. (Mentoring & Energy Balance Sessions for Empathic/Highly Sensitive Women can be booked online via this link )

Did you know that many of us unconsciously attempt to ground ourselves through food or eating when we're not actually hungry? (this can also be due to other emotional and habitual reasons)

Staying well hydrated and keeping your blood sugar balanced through eating regular well balanced meals and avoiding sugar, alcohol and excess caffeine are important for overall health, but also help you to stay grounded.

Beyond that, here are some other ways to consciously ground yourself:

-Focus your attention on your body by doing a quick body scan process, where you begin at your head and work your way down to your feet, taking your attention to each body part. This can be done really quickly with practice!

-Take your attention to your feet. You might like to bounce gently up and down on them and be aware of them being supported by the ground. It can also be helpful to visualise roots coming down from your feet in to the earth, acting as an anchor.

-Lean against a wall or lie with your back flat on the ground and notice the feeling of being supported by the wall/floor

-Focus on your breath going in and out of your body

-Walk barefoot on grass for a few moments (not very appealing at this time of the year understandably!)

-Use grounding essential oils such as sandalwood, vetiver or myrh diluted in a carrier oil which you can both smell as needed or apply topically.

-Standing against or holding your hand against a tree for a few moments

There are many more effective grounding techniques but these are a few suggestions to get you started.

Taking a few moments to consciously ground yourself each day (it doesn't have to take long!) or ideally at intervals throughout your day will help to create more mindfulness, reduce stress, overwhelm or anxiety and will actually increase your productivity and focus!


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