It's all good? But what about when it's actually not?

Positive vibes only.
Everything happens for a reason.
It's all good.

It's a good thing to aim to maintain a positive attitude and to look for the 'good' in things. Often there are initially hidden blessings or great personal growth through our challenges.

BUT there are also times where refusing to focus on anything but the positives or to only let yourself feel or show 'positive' emotions can actually be unhealthy.

If you only allow yourself to feel or express socially acceptable emotions or 'good vibes only', you may not be honoring how you're really feeling.

Denial of certain feelings (anger, fear, shame and disappointment tend to be condemned the most) about things or judgment of yourself because you felt an emotion that is judged as 'low vibe' leads to disconnection or dishonoring of  yourself which usually unconsciously create more of these supposed 'low vibe' emotions.

It's not healthy to dwell or hold on to emotions such as anger, but because as humans we are designed to experience a whole range of emotions it's not healthy to pretend that 'it's all good' when that doesn't actually feel true.

When we deny our genuine feelings about things, those feelings don't just magically disappear in a puff of love and light. They tend to remain in your body and your energy field and this can then have an impact on your health and wellbeing.

I'm certainly not suggesting that it's helpful to focus on negatives or to complain constantly or to remain stuck in anger or in a victim mentality BUT sometimes in order to truly move through something we need to acknowledge the less socially acceptable emotions IF they are part of our genuine response or feelings about something.

We all need to spend time with our feelings, to acknowledge them to to safely process or express them- and this can feel really confronting for many of us who have learned that certain emotional responses 'are not allowed'.

What has this got to do with health? A LOT! Your physical health is affected by your mental, emotional and spiritual health!

Just as we need to put things in place that support our physical health, to be truly holistic we also need to give importance to our mental, emotional and spiritual health because all of these aspects combine to influence your health and wellbeing and your experience of life.

How on earth do I look after my mental, emotional, spiritual health as well?

There are many ways and some of the things that you're doing to support physical health will also support those other aspects such as yoga, meditation and movement, eating the right foods for you, getting enough sleep, self care, doing things that light you up or nourish your soul.

The other one is of course breathwork!

Breathwork gives you the space and the means to safely process and integrate whatever your body has been holding onto, allowing the release of stress and emotions in the form of physical tension or that may have been there below your conscious awareness.

When we are able to free up the energy that has been required to 'hold down' our emotions that we haven't wanted to feel or felt able to deal with, we allow our vital force to run more freely through our body and energy system and we  also create space to feel more of those feelings that that we seek more of such as genuine joy, bliss, love and happiness.

It can also really help us to shift our mindset or perspective, allowing us to see things from another perspective, but not through forced 'positivity' or through by-passing our feelings.

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