Your (often under-utilised) inner power source- your breath!

The three most powerful, deeply moving moments of my life thus far involved the breath.

Witnessing my two boy's first breaths and being with my grandmother as she took her last.

These moments were so moving, it was almost as if time stood still for a moment.

Life literally is the time in between one's first and last breath.

We can't be alive in a physical body without our breath. Yet, most of the time we're not especially conscious of our breath unless we're short of breath from exertion or engaging in mindfulness techniques or meditations.

Many of us don't breathe properly and we often tend to shallow breathe or hold our breath.

The humble breath has the power to create change for mind/body/spirit and ultimately your life in a way that I haven't experienced through other modalities which is why I trained as a Breathwork practitioner myself.

Breathwork is a great form of active meditation which can feel easier for many women who find it a challenge to stop the mind chatter!

You can use your breath to calm and relax when you feel stressed or anxious or you can use the breath to shift fatigue and increase your energy or your focus.

To connect more with your body or to get more in touch with your intuition.

The  breath can be used to support your body to detoxify and also to release emotions.

Did you know that when you burn fat, it's actually through your breath that the fat leaves your body?! As the fat is oxidised, about 20% of it turns into water  and is eliminated and the remaining 80% is excreted as carbon dioxide through your breath!

Your breathing has an influence on your nervous system and helps you to return from your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) following a stressful event back in to your parasympathetic so that you don't remain in stress response for a long time.

For some people who have experienced chronic stress or anxiety, this switch from SNS (stress response) back to PNS (relaxation and clear functioning) doesn't happen naturally, so working with your breathing through specific techniques can be incredibly effective.

You can also work with your breath to positively influence your heart rate variability and this has really positive benefits for your blood pressure, nervous system, energy levels, thought patterns etc.

Once you master working with your breath you have access to your very own in built healing tool and can use it as needed, whether to reduce stress, anxiety or overwhelm, to get to sleep or to increase your energy and focus.

Breathwork techniques can be used acutely to help manage stressful situations or anxiety acutely, but breathwork is most effective when done regularly.

If you would like to learn how to use your breath to improve your physical, mental and emotional health I offer breathwork sessions both in person or via phone. Once you have learnt and are comfortable with the techniques, you will be able to use them yourself whenever you need to.

I first learned to work with my breath when I was a child doing middle distance and cross country running. I became aware of being able to change the way I was breathing at certain times during a run so that I didn't run out of energy.

Many years later, although a long time ago now,  I experienced my first Transformational Breathwork session where I experienced first hand just how powerful the breath can be and that we can consciously work with it in different ways to achieve a particular outcome.

Regular breathwork sessions continue to be my sanity saver amidst the up and downs of life.

They give me space to deeply feel, process, let go of stress, tension and heaviness and rediscover my sense of self amidst motherhood and all of the demands of daily life to emerge feeling lighter, clearer and more centred within myself and my body.


Breathwork sessions are a fantastic way to:
-release stress and emotions from your body
-shift unhelpful beliefs & experience life changing shifts in your perception and in how you see yourself and the world
-Support your body to detoxify
-Increase your energy and vitality
-Experience a clearer connection with your intuition and your inner wisdom
-Let go of energetic heaviness or feeling stuck

When you change your inner world, your outer world also changes...

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