Just relax...but what if you just can't?!

I'm sure you had the experience of being told to 'just relax' or you've told yourself that you just need to relax in relation to something going on in your life.

There is certainly wisdom in letting something be for awhile by taking a step back of not thinking about it over and over again.

We rarely solve issues whilst we're in a heightened emotional or generally stressed or overwhelmed state. So being able to tale a step back and give yourself some breathing space can be very helpful.

Our thoughts and how we are viewing things can influence the levels of  tension in our bodies because our minds and bodies are so interlinked. When you have a stressful thought, there is a response in your body.

Reducing stressful thoughts can absolutely help to reduce tension in the body but for many of us we are holding so much tension in our bodies that has been there for so long that it won't even feel like tension, yet we're in an almost constant state of tension!

Breathwork allows you to release deeply held tension, much of which you probably didn't even realise you were holding on to!

I am amazed at how much tension is still present in my body each time I do a deep breathwork session even though I'm fairly mindful of consciously releasing tension from my body.

When your body is free of tension or mental and emotion energy that has been held in your muscles it frees up a huge amount of energy for you to access as well as allowing you to relax more deeply and reduce the discomfort of muscular tension.

Over the recent months we've all been navigating a whole host of changes and issues which have presented on going stress and emotional upheaval for many (and continue to do so) so it's extra important to be consciously addressing your stress levels and the range of emotions that the current state of things provokes in you.

There are also other ways to reduce physical and mental tension through movement, stretching, yoga, warm baths, massage and the support of essential oils, magnesium or relaxing herbs but once you have learned how to use your breath to release emotions, stress or tension you're not reliant on anything outside of yourself to do so!

Here is what one of my fabulous breathwork clients shared about her experience with breathwork:

"I never knew what breath work was until I started working with Annabel. When I first started I wasn't coping with life very well and Annabel offered breath work along side the naturopathy treatments. Well I never! It was powerful, raw, beautiful, amazing and shifted things out of my body that I never knew I was holding onto. Since that first session I have worked with Annabel using breath work for many and varied reasons, with the main reason to ground and centre myself. It has healed past trauma, improved my immune system and enabled me to access the unity of life". - Julie

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