Hormonal fatigue..

Is fatigue something that you struggle with each month before or during your period?

Many women find that each month they're having to try to push through body-aching fatigue and mental fog in the days leading up to and during their period.

Whilst this is the time of the month where your energy will likely be at it's lowest point, fatigue which makes it hard to function is a sign that something is out of balance.

As women we are cyclic and just like the moon, we have times of both higher and lower energy which correspond with our hormonal cycles. You can read a blog about this here: https://blossomwellbeing.com.au/consistency-and-womens-cycles/

Knowing this can make a really big difference in planning when to do more  and when you will most likely feel like retreating a bit and doing less.

It is natural to want to retreat a little during your period as your hormones and energy level will be lower and you will naturally be drawn to be more inward focused and introspective.

The challenge is that life goes on during this time and you are most likely still required to do everything else that you normally do at the other times of your cycle, which is fine when your energy levels are higher, but much harder when they're low and you want to just stop for awhile! (because you actually NEED this time of introspection and slowing down each month to replenish before moving in to your next cycle..)

So it can be helpful to take the pressure off yourself where possible during your lower energy time of the month (your period), maybe schedule less, change your exercise routine to more gentle, slower exercise for that week and be extra mindful of your self care.

But as I mentioned above, bone aching fatigue, brain fog and difficulty functioning is a sign of imbalance, often due to:
- nutrient deficiencies such as low iron, b vitamins, zinc or magnesium
-hormonal imbalance
- inflammation (this type of fatigue can feel similar to flu type symptoms possibly with aching muscles and a sore throat)
-adrenal fatigue
-stress throughout the month
-lack of downtime or time to yourself throughout the previous month

When addressing hormonal fatigue, we need to address the underlying reasons by replenishing deficient nutrients, balancing hormones and also looking at overall life balance throughout all times of the month.

I'm now offering a 12 week ( or 6 session) hormone balance package where we can pin point what is going on with your hormones and what we need to do to bring them back to balance to make this time of the month easier to manage and reduce PMS or period related issues naturally. Hormone testing can be incorporated and there is a payment plan option available.

Why 12 weeks? Whilst most women will begin to feel better after one cycle (or one month), because of the cyclic nature of hormones, it can take a few cycles to correct imbalance and resolve symptoms.

Whilst the 6 sessions will be focused towards hormone balance, a holistic approach looks at all aspects of your health so we'll also look at stress reduction, sleep, adrenal health and other areas that are relevant to you.

The sessions may be solely naturopathic/coaching sessions or you may also choose to incorporate some energy healing or breathwork if you're drawn to that to support the physical side of things. Sessions can be in person or via phone/skype

Read about the 6 session package here:


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