Thrive As An Empath (or highly sensitive woman)- 3 Session Package

Thriving As An Empath or Highly Sensitive Woman- 3 session Package

A  mentoring program for empathic women who want to thrive and experience their sensitivity as a strength, rather than feel like it’s their  weakness.

As an empath or highly sensitive woman you FEEL a lot! Your feelings, other's feelings, the feeling or energy of environments..

You've probably been told that you're "too sensitive" or that you "need to toughen up".

You might find being in crowds or around groups of people draining which leaves you feeling tired, overwhelmed or anxious.

Sometimes you might find it difficult to know whether what you're feeling is 'yours' or whether it belongs to others..

You may have thought that there is something wrong with you!

And that you just need try to not feel as much...

But by trying to shut down from feeling so much, you also disconnect from some of your gifts such as your intuition, your passion and your creativity!

As an empathic woman, I’ve noticed how we are often advised to protect ourselves from the energy of others. That approach feels  disempowering to me and perpetuates a sense that the world is a harsh place and that being around other people is draining.

I believe there is a different and more empowering way that we can live, one that includes embracing our sensitivity and seeing it as a strength rather than a weakness...

I’d love to support you in thriving as an empathic (or highly sensitive) woman and to help you feel good about your sensitive nature, reduce overwhelm and reconnect with what nourishes your body, mind and soul..

Through the course of 3 personal mentoring sessions I’ll be supporting you with:

  1. Feeling strong and grounded in your own energy so you are not thrown off balance by external situations.
  2. Creating a balance between meeting the needs of others while also listening to and honouring your own.
  3. Being able to trust your own intuition
  4. Embracing your sensitivity and using it in your life as a strength rather than a weakness..
  5. Creating a realistic self care plan and providing you with loving accountability to implement it.
  6. Gaining clarity about what foods will best support you physically and energetically.
  7. Strategies to support your physical health
  8. Strategies for navigating and letting go of emotional stress in a healthy way (no more need for emotional eating or distracting yourself by running on over drive!)


You Receive:

3 x Fortnightly 1-to-1 mentoring/ healing sessions (60-min)

Sessions may include:


Holistic and Intuitive Health and Wellness Coaching


Energy Alignment & Healing Sessions

Chakra work

Soul Realignment/Akashic Records

3 Session Package

$475 AUD


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