Have you tried everything but still struggle with your weight?

Sometimes there are other health issues impacting upon your ability to lose weight which must also be addressed, either first or alongside a weight loss plan. I provide a holistic approach to weight loss where we also look at other factors which may be causing you to gain weight or making it hard for you to lose it such as digestive issues, stress, hormonal imbalance, food intolerance, candida or emotional eating.

Have you tried multiple diets without success?

There is no 'right' diet that suits everyone. When working with you to help you to reduce your weight, I  take your individual metabolism, nutritional and lifestyle needs as well as your weight loss goals into account when tailoring your treatment approach or eating plan specifically to you.

I also offer Body Composition and Cellular Health Analysis which is a scientifically validated form of health assessment which allows you to see before and after results  and enables you to see changes in your body composition (fat/muscle etc) that isn't visible on the scales!  Through this, we are also able to see your response to your eating plan as you go, enabling us to monitor program effectiveness and to be sure that the weight that you are losing is fat and not muscle.


Are you tired of feeling as though your body is working against you?


Do you feel like you have tried everything and still can't lose weight (especially around your middle or your stomach)?


Is your weight affecting how you feel about yourself and your enjoyment of life?


Is your weight holding you back?


Are issues related to food  and your weight creating stress and affecting your wellbeing?


Blossom Wellbeing offers a holistic, comprehensive approach to weight loss.

I assist you in not only on developing healthy eating habits for long term weight maintenance and health but also improving your over all health and well-being.

Weight loss is about much more than calories in and calories out and my approach to weight loss doesn't involve calorie counting!

Weight loss or enjoying a healthy weight is also about overall health- physically, mentally and emotionally and when your overall health is good, weight will be easier to lose and easier to maintain.


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