Reclaim your health & wellness. Feel vibrant & calm. Natural health care to help your well being BLOSSOM!

Naturopathic health care aims to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. A consultation involves taking a detailed case history, taking into account the health of all systems of the body and looking at all of the factors which may be impacting upon your health. We then make a plan to correct your internal systems to boost your health and well being.

Hormone Balance

Hormone imbalances are very common but, like PMT, whilstthey may be common but they aren't just a normal part of being a woman.

We can measure and balance your hormones holistically to nurture your well being and reduce unpleasant symptoms associated with out of balance hormones.


Pregnancy & Fertility

I am passionate about supporting the health of women before, during and after pregnancy.

I work closely with women to measure and balance hormones naturally to encourage fertility and nurture a healthy pregnancy.

Weight Loss

Holistic health coaching for mums looking to lose weight and regain their body confidence.

Have you tried everything but still struggle with your weight? I provide a holistic approach to weight loss where we look at all factors which may be causing you to gain weight or making it hard for you to lose it such as digestive issues, stress, hormonal imbalance, food intolerance, candida or emotional eating.

Holistic Health Coaching for Mums

If you experience similar challenges time and time again or if you feel like you are not enjoying your life as much as you could be, let's look holistically and intuitively at why you feel stuck.

 Make change, move forward and finally feel better.

Stress & Energy Healing Sessions

I'm a big believer in the mind-body connection meaning that for optimal health we need to look after not only our physical health but also that which we cannot always physically see.

These Energy Alignment & Healing sessions are a fusion of energy healing, accessing your soul level gifts, clearing self-limiting thoughts, beliefs or emotional patterns, chakra balancing along with holistic & intuitive coaching as we work holistically to balance and vitalise your physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.

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