Is there even any point getting dressed during isolation?

With our usual routines possibly completely out the window and the days kind of blending into each other at the moment, it is easy to lose motivation and fall into disarray or sorts which means that it's actually really important to maintain or create new routines in line with our current situation.

I find the odd pyjama day very therapeutic but at the moment, staying in PJs all day everyday is probably not a great idea unless you're actually unwell and needing to rest and recover.

At moment it's easy to forget what day it actually is and this whole social distancing situation is likely to go on for sometime, so whilst keeping things simple is helpful at themoment, creating simple routines will be really helpful for maintaining some structure and sanity!

I'm keeping up my morning breathwork, making sure that I am dressed at the usual time and getting out for a morning and an afternoon walk which creates some structure and helps to break up the day.

Each day I have also been doing some sort of cooking or baking beyond our usual meals which I find both therapeutic and grounding and which also means I'm less reliant on having to go out and source certain things such as bread, coconut yogurt, dips, homemade crackers etc.

In the evenings I have set boundaries around looking at news or using social media after a certain time and instead have a relaxing bath before still going to bed at my usual time.

If your routine has been non-existent over the past few weeks, with school 'going back' this week it's a great time to put a few things in place to provide some structure.

Most of us function best with a balance of some structure and some freedom and at the moment whilst it's easy to feel like we've lost our freedom, we've also likely lost quite a bit of our structure too!

Helpful options for creating some routine in our current situation:
- Get dressed daily!
-Schedule in times for movement or exercise
-Daily time outside for fresh air
-Meditation/breathwork or mindfulness- if you've been meaning to make time for this now is a great time!
-Time for something creative/or a project of some sort each day
- A task in the garden or around the home
-Structuring in times to regularly touch base online or through a phone call with friends or family each day/week
-Daily time writing in your journal or writing a gratitude list for the positives (among the many current challenges!) each day

If your health and wellbeing has been a bit neglected over the past weeks and you would like to touch base and get back on track, consultations are available by phone or online through zoom.

Appointments can be booked here:

A bonus to moving all consultations online means that I have more times available after hours and on Saturdays because I'm not working around school hours!

All consults are currently at a reduced rate due to the current financial climate.

If you have kids transitioning back to school in some format this week, I hope that it goes smoothly for all.


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