I'm a big believer in the mind body connection and that for optimal health we need to look after not only our physical health but also the other which we cannot always physically see,  which also have the ability to influence our health. I find that a combined approach where we support the physical body through making sure that it receive the nutrients, the movement, rest and care that it needs as well as also being aware of looking after the less tangible elements of our health, our mind, energy system and soul provides a truly holistic approach. These Energy Alignment & Healing sessions are a fusion of energy healing, accessing your soul level gifts, clearing self-limiting thought forms, beliefs or emotional patterns, chakra balancing along with holistic & intuitive coaching as we work holistically to balance and vitalise the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.

Before disharmony manifests in the physical body as illness or a symptom, that imbalance can be seen or picked up in the subtle energy bodies which surround the physical body. The body is very intelligent and is self-repairing and has the ability to heal itself, but that we can support that process through the use of vital or high vibration energy which is what is intentionally accessed and utilised during and energy healing session. There are times when the energy body or centers become congested or out of balance which can leave you feeling not quite right or over longer periods of time may manifest as physical symptoms. Each energy center correlates with areas of high nervous activity within the physical body and influences the health of particular organs, glands and body systems.

By working energetically as well as physically, we can improve the vitality and balance of the physical body as well as working with the energy, emotions or thought forms and limiting beliefs which are being held in the chakras or energy bodies. These sessions bridge the mind/body connection and I work in grounded and practical way which is free of 'new-agey' jargon. These sessions can be done in person or remotely via distance as energy is bound by physical space. If you have had your session via distance, you receive a link to listen to the recording of what arose during your session, the guidance that came through along with practical recommendations. Energy is not bound by physically space, hence why it is possible to have your session take place from wherever you are!

The chakras are energy centres of the body found in areas of high nervous activity, where they can influence the health of particular organs and body systems through their flow of energy.

Each of the chakras functions independently as well as an energetic system. We can work with the chakras to support physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Annabel is a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner and has also extensively trained in a variety of energy healing modalities which she has been practising for over 14 years. She has spent many years studying the chakras and other techniques to bridge the mind/body systems for truly holistic healing.

Naturally empathic and intuitive, she has refined this over many years with the guidance and training of various mentors in energy healing, transformational breathwork, shamanism and the akashic records and brings each of these elements fused with her extensive scientific knowledge of the workings of the physical body into these energy alignment & healing sessions. Annabel incorporates her holistic mind/body/soul work in a grounded and practical way to support you to enjoy greater health and wellbeing on all levels.

Annabel also offers Soul Realignment Reading & Clearing sessions. Discover your soul level gifts and talents and embody more of these in to your life are allowing you to live life in greater alignment with your soul.


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