I'm a big believer in the mind body connection and that for optimal health we need to look after not only our physical health but also the other which we cannot always physically see,  which also have the ability to influence our health. I find that a combined approach where we support the physical body through making sure that it receive the nutrients, the movement, rest and care that it needs as well as also being aware of looking after the less tangible elements of our health, our mind, energy system and soul provides a truly holistic approach. These Energy Alignment & Healing sessions are a fusion of energy healing, breathwork, accessing your soul level gifts, clearing self-limiting thought forms, beliefs or emotional patterns, chakra balancing along with holistic & intuitive coaching as we work holistically to balance and vitalise the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.

Before disharmony manifests in the physical body as illness or a symptom, that imbalance can be seen or picked up in the subtle energy bodies which surround the physical body. The body is very intelligent and is self-repairing and has the ability to heal itself, but that we can support that process through the use of vital or high vibration energy which is what is intentionally accessed and utilised during and energy healing session. There are times when the energy body or centers become congested or out of balance which can leave you feeling not quite right or over longer periods of time may manifest as physical symptoms.

By working energetically as well as physically, we can improve the vitality and balance of the physical body as well as working with the energy, emotions or thought forms and limiting beliefs which are being held in the chakras or energy bodies. These sessions bridge the mind/body connection and I work in grounded and practical way which is free of 'new age' terms.

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"It is with great pleasure that I write of the wonderful support that Annabel provides her clients. I first started seeing Annabel in her capacity as a naturopath as part of my journey to be as proactive as possible in seeking a way forward with my fertility challenges. Annabel has proven to be incredibly skilled and has provided me with support with my mind, body and spirit. Throughout my time seeing her, I have since experienced her skill and care in Pranic Healing as well as loving every minute of Chakradance with Annabel. She has supported my wellbeing on so many levels as I have journeyed through a very difficult period in my life. I am truly thankful for Annabel and the skills that she shares, thanks so much Annabel" - Karen R

"I must say I was very surprised by just how good a remote healing session was with Annabel. I have had a range of healings over the years, and I would say I'm quite picky. The healing was very effective and had lasting results leading me to have several more healings and then try the Soul Realignment. I found the soul session to be amazing and incredibly helpful. I would recommend healing and soul alignment sessions with Annabel without reservation" Claire

"Annabel is a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner whose breath work and healing sessions have helped me immensely in managing stress and difficult emotions. I highly recommend her services as she works with her clients to live their best life using naturopathy and holistic treatments."- Karen


The chakras are energy centres of the body found in areas of high nervous activity, where they can influence the health of particular organs and body systems through their flow of energy.

Each of the chakras functions independently as well as an energetic system. We can work with the chakras to support physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Annabel is a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner and has also extensively trained in a variety of energy healing modalities which she has been practising for over 14 years. She has spent many years studying the chakras and other techniques to bridge the mind/body systems for truly holistic healing.

Naturally empathic and intuitive, she has refined this over many years with the guidance and training of various mentors in energy healing, transformational breathwork, shamanism and the akashic records and brings each of these elements fused with her extensive scientific knowledge of the workings of the physical body into these energy alignment & healing sessions which are available as part of on-going coaching and holistic health packages only. Annabel incorporates her holistic mind/body/soul work in a grounded and practical way to support you to enjoy greater health and wellbeing on all levels.

Annabel also offers Soul Realignment Reading & Clearing sessions. Discover your soul level gifts and talents and embody more of these in to your life are allowing you to live life in greater alignment with your soul.
Soul Realignment Sessions support you to align with your soul level gifts, talents and enjoy greater embodiment of these in your life, identify unhelpful or limiting patterns of thoughts and behaviour and to create choices which support you in living a life which feels more fulfilling and is aligned with who you are at soul level.

This work provides a holistic approach which incorporates energy work, intuition and coaching within a practical, grounded framework and can be applied in many areas of life from physical health or business and various to mental, emotional or spiritual challenges.

Do you ever wonder why on earth you're here and what your purpose at a deeper soul level is?
Why certain themes, issues or challenges keep showing up in your life?
What your soul level gifts are?

Each of us has soul qualities and gifts which we tend to express in varying degrees. Often they are not what we think that they will be because we may not be living in alignment with or connected to ourselves at a soul level.

We may tend also to identify with our selves more on the level of our personality traits and based on our habitual patterns of thinking and behaving rather based on who you are at a deeper soul level.

When we are aware of our soul qualities and gifts we also know more about our divine purpose and what we are here to share or express and why certain things keep showing up in our lives whether relating to health, relationship or emotional challenges and other themes..

These readings are not about predicting the future, their purpose is to assist you in embodying more of your own soul level qualities, empowering you to create the life and the future that you desire.

" I found the soul session to be amazing and incredibly helpful" Claire


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