I don't want to go back to being busy all the time...

I wasn't living..

I was just getting through..

I was exhausted all the time and that was just 'normal'...

I had completely lost myself in rush of the daily routine..

As more and more things open up and become available to us again, many women have shared their reluctance to go back to how things were pre-lockdown.

We've all had an opportunity to slow right down which has also created the space to evaluate how we were doing things.

We've had the space to look at what was/is and wasn't/isn't working.

Whilst this time has brought many challenges of it's own, it has also meant that many aspects of the usual day-to-day routine or juggle ceased to exist (or changed forms).

It's important now, as we're on the cusp of another stage of moving back to 'normal' to consider how you want your new normal to look?

Are there things that you have realised that you can/want/need to let go of?

Are there also ways of being that you can/want/need to let go of, such as the need to be busy all of the time, or to always to say "yes" to things that maybe actually aren't right for you or aren't all that important?

Transition times or times of change (including change of seasons which we're also in right now!) allow us the opportunity to reflect and redirect.

Don't let the opportunity to take some of the learning or positives from this time to create a way of living that works better for you, get lost as the pace of life begins to build again.




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